Prenatal Classes

Increase your chances of having the birth experience YOU desire

Prenatal classes in english are now available in the Laurentians! Private classes, tailored to your situation and needs, in the comfort of your home.  Also offered: classes via Skype for those who live further or abroad!

Come learn about:
- Pregnancy and birth
- Pre and Perinatal psychology
- The physiology of birth
- The hormones of labor and birth
- The benefits of delayed cord clamping
- What are your options (midwife, OB, doula, etc.)
- What is a birth plan
- What are the possible interventions during a birth
- What are the medical and non-medical ways to deal with pain
- What is a doula, and what are the benefits of having one at your birth
- Bonding with your newborn
- Breastfeeding
- Babywearing
- Cloth diapering

And much more!

For more information: 
cell: 450-675-4266


  1. My sister is pregnant for the first time. She wants to start going to prenatal classes soon. She thinks it will be great for helping her prepare for child birth and caring for her baby once it is born.
    Gary Puntman |

    1. If she is in the laurentians or in Montreal, she can contact me to see if I can set up a class for her!

  2. Laurie,

    Thank you for coming to my house to teach us about prenatal and baby care. My husband and I were very thankful for your personalized psychological explanation of actions that we should take, it helps a lot to put things into perspective vs. someone or books telling us what to do. It helps to understand the reasons behind actions, and we absolutely enjoyed having you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed my class! Hope all is well for you and baby and that you had a good birth experience!

  3. My husband found Laurie online when searching for prenatal classes in English since I'm anglophone. Laurie came to our house for 4 classes and she was fantastic. I wasn't really convinced that we needed classes because I thought childbirth was pretty straight forward and that we would just do what the doctor told us to do. I really had no idea all we would learn and how much my ideas of childbirth would change. Working with Laurie really helped me to prepare for the big day. I was able to develop a plan of what I wanted/didn't want and was able to discuss with my doctor before hand so we were all on the same page. While our son's birth didn't exactly go according to plan I still was able to stick with some of the wishes on my birth plan and in the end I felt much more knowledgable and better prepared overall and afterwards I was better able to process and make peace with our birth experience. I very much recommend Laurie's classes for first time parents!

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for your comment! Glad you are happy with the information and preparation provided, and that it made you feel more empowered for your birth. Feel free to call me if you need to talk to process your birth experience :)


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