At the Christmas Crafts Market!


I know, I don't give much news anymore. Keeping up with a blog needs a lot of time and effort! As a matter of fact, I finally gave in and got myself an instagram account, I'll be able to share more things easily! HERE is the link to follow me.

Apart forum this, I was in a crafts market this weekend, with my baby inventory from my Etsy shop VivaDoula. I had bamboo baby pants ''Maxaloones'', waldorf-style baby dolls, blankets, dolls carriers and other accessories. I loves the experience, I'll probably be seen again in a few markets next year!

My table at the crafts market. And Bonus, I had the visit of my little niece, and her mum let us keep her for an hour or so. Obviously, she got to try a couple of hats!

If ou'd like to see what I have left (they make nice Christmas presents), come visit my shop at

Have a nice week!