Yonifest 2017

Hi! Here I am, one week after Yonifest 2017!

This year, Yonifest was a very intense experience. It's the only word that comes to my mind. I loved the 2014 edition, and this experience was just as enriching, just totally different! The biggest part for me was to give a conference with my mother, Madeleine Vallée. We talked bout preconception with a psycho-energetic approach. Me with my prenatal psychology background, and her as an energy therapist. The conference went really well and we received a number of good comments and people opened up about their own experiences.

I also had the chance to take part in various other workshops and conferences. I loved prenatal singing with Ariane Morissette, Rebozo with Esther Tétreault and the ones on menstruation with Jane Hardwicke Collings. I also loved the one on placenta delivery with Karine Langlois. All brought me new learnings and the eagerness to know some more!

With my Mum!
It was also a wonderful occasion to talk with lovely people I happen to see now and then at these kinds of events since I started as a doula. Wonderful women and men, with whom I have the opportunity to exchange ideas, until the next workshop!

This year was also very special, as we were all deeply affected by the passing of Stephanie St-Amant, who peacefully passed away 45 minutes before her conference in her camping-car, after a long illness. I was lucky to see her conference at the previous Yonifest in 2014, and she was someone I admired very much. I didn't even know she was ill, and the announce of her passing completely shocked me. Still, it was very beautiful and touching to know that she chose us to make this big transition. She fought till the end for her ownership of her body and for us to live life's passages how, where and with whom we want.

I'm also very happy with the outcomes of the sales I made there, I was able to make my perinatal education products from my Etsy shop more known and even sold quite a few!

Finally, this Yonifest brought me exactly what I was looking for. A renewal of my motivation to continue my work in birth education, for women and babies. Sometimes when you work on your own, tying to do your best, calls not coming in as often as we'd wish them to be, we start to question our choices. But finding myself with all these wonderful people who are all working for the same cause is always very refreshing and, it put me back on track! Thank you!

Have a nice week!

Pictures by Elaine Poulin