An unusual softie...

A few months ago, a friend told me about a difficulty she was having with her almost 3 year old daughter. The child, who had been weaned for a little while now, was still very much attached to her mother's breasts, to the point of waking her in the middle of the night cause she wanted to touch her boobs and nipples. Trying to find a solution, my friend asked me if by any chance I could make a pair of breasts, knitted or otherwise, so that her daughter could have something else to play with in the middle of the night. Of course, I already had a demo breast model that I have been making for a little while, I simply made a pair and sewed them together. The girl adopted them right away, and not the problem has been resolved! She nows plays with these breasts instead of her mother's, and even sleeps with them! And that is even more helpful to the mother, since she has only just given birth to a new baby, and her breasts are already very busy!

Funny, isn't it? Booby-softies!

Here is the story in my friend's own words:

''Laurie's booby-softies, we love them!  My 3 year old daughter adopted them right away! She was how to say... obsessed with my breasts! Always a hand in my shirt to fall asleep, to seek some comfort. It doesn't take away out hugs and snuggles, but without her hand in my shirt it feels better! Especially for a mom with a 3 week old baby to breastfeed! 
Thank you laurie for this creative and miraculous idea '' -Léa, mother of 3 girls

Since them, word has been spreading and I already had a few orders for them, from other moms with the same issue! The Breast-softies are now available on my Etsy shop, made to order in the color of your choice!

Thanks and have a nice week!