Upcoming Film: In Utero


During the APPPAH congress I had the chance to see the premiere of a new upcoming documentary feature called In Utero. 

This film, made by the director as she was expecting her first child, explores the various implications and impacts of prenatal live on human beings. How does stress, violence, emotions, war, and even everyday life impact the developing foetus? An eye-opener for anyone interested in the future of humanity.

Since this film deals with a lot if intense subjects, in can be difficult to watch for some people, and even trigger some difficult memories, but sometimes that's what is necessary to bring change. Thankfully, the film ends in a more positive and optimistic note on love and healing.

According the the person who came to show us the film, this feature should come out in a couple of months, and will also be on Netflix.

I leave you with the trailer of this film: