The Performance: Comparing Sex and Birth

Giving birth is a sexual act. Even though the medical establishment has tried to make us believe otherwise for generations. When we start to compare having sex with having a baby, there are countless similarities. The same hormones are in play, and they need the same conditions to work properly: intimacy, respect, safety, dimmed lights, etc. When these conditions are broken, the hormones are not released as they should, and this can cause a longer labor, or even a stalled labor,  often referred to as ''failure to progress''. Just think: how many women have experiences a slowing or even stopping of contractions as they entered the hospital? Stress and disruption are the main factors that block the hormones of labor (and sex) because they make us release adrenalin, which blocks the hormone of love and sex: Oxytocin.

And what is having sex and conceiving were treated like a medical event, just like giving birth? It's a comparison I use often when trying to explain the hormones of birth to future parents.

One example I use a lot: imagine you are having sex. And then a nurse comes in, turns on the light, and starts to measure the man's penis to evaluate if things are progressing well. That would cut the impulse, right?

It is in the same perspective and to explain that concept that a group of Italian birth activists (Freedom for Birth Rome Action Group)  produced this very funny video that imagined what it would be like if conceiving was treated like birth in a hospital. What would happen if we disrupted sex like we disturb the birth process?  Here is the link: The Performance: Sex like Birth


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