Last weekend I had the chance to be part of the very first Yonifest! The yonifest is an emerging space, a festival about birth. Around 400 midwives, doulas, mothers and more gathered at a beautiful piece of land in the eastern townships, for 3 amazing and rich days of learning and sharing about the actual issues around birth. we had the chance to see and hear Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent, Kathleen fahy, Joëlle Terrien, Isabelle Brabant, Aviva Romm, Betty-Anne Daviss and many more!

So here I am, back with a feeling of gratitude for this extraordinary experience thad only made my passion and my yearning to change things grow. I am back full of new knowledge, ideas, and a fresh look towards the future. I am back, rich of new acquaintances with all these women and even men who are all walking towards the same goal as I. I am back, inspired, refreshed, grown and enriched. 

We had the chance to discuss subjects going from medical aspects to spiritual experiences. There was a lot of sharing of life experiences and knowledge. 

Through all of this, we also took the time to have fun, laugh and be entertained. There was a beautiful musical show by Jorane, a fun play by the MAMAN group, and a hilarious stand-up comedy show by comedian Emilie Ouellette.

For more information about Yonifest, you can visit their website at: http://yonifest.org

Apart from that I heard that there will be a second edition in two years. YAYYY!! I can't wait already!

And who knows, maybe I have a couple of delicious posts up my sleeve, inspired by everything I learned this weekend!

Have a good week!