Doula Services

What is a doula, or birth companion?
Her role is to prepare, inform, reassure and offer an emotional and physical, support to expecting parents before, during and after the birth of their child. 

She is an ear, a guide, and a library of information who prepares and supports the expecting parents during the wonderful adventure of pregnancy and birth. 

She answers the future parent's questions and gives them the pertinent information for them to make informed choices about what they want and don't want for the birth of their child. By being well prepared for what is to come, the future mother will have a better idea of what is awaiting her, and a greater confidence in her ability to birth, in her body and in her baby. The expecting parents will also be able to make informed decisions about the various medical interventions and will be more confident and less intimidated by hospital protocols. 

Then, the presence and support of a doula throughout the birth process will help the mother during her labor. The doula uses various techniques of stretching, massages, pressure points and various little tricks of the trade to help with the pain. She cheers on the mother through her contractions and boosts her confidence. She is also there to advocate for the choices the parents previously made about what they want and don't want. She makes sure their wishes are respected, at a moment where they have better things to do than to make sure the medical staff read their birth plan. 

The benefits of having a doula:
- C/sections reduced by 50%
- Average labor time reduced by 25%
- Epidural use reduced by 60%
- Use of oxytocic drugs reduced by 40%
- Forceps use reduced by 30%
- A generally easier labor and birth
Source: Marshall H. Klaus, John H. Kennell, Phyllis H. Klaus, The Doula Book: How A Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth. Perseus Press, 2002, Chapitre V

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The services of a doula can also be beneficial for: 
- Single mothers who need support
- Women who already had a previous difficult labor and birth and who need more support for their next birth
- Women with a high risk pregnancy
- Women who wish to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)

How about the father?
The doula also supports and prepares the future father. She helps him to get rid of his fears before labor starts, and gives him confidence and tools so he can support his partner during labor and birth. 

My services include:
- A first FREE meeting with the future parents, so we can meet and see if we like each other
- Between two and four prenatal visits, depending on your needs,  so I can prepare you and give you all the necessary tools and information for you to be ready, informed and confident for birth
- Support for the redaction of your birth plan
- Physical and emotional support before, during and after birth, and the possibility to answer all your questions, and reassure you if something happens, either by e-mail or on the phone. 
- 24/7 telephone availability from the 36th week of pregnancy on
- Presence during the whole process of labor and birth, regardless of the duration
- Support during the initiation of breastfeeding
- Postnatal follow-up, look back on the birth, try to solve any issues, breastfeeding support
- My personal touch: every baby born with me will get a hand knitted newborn hat, knitted by me and made of natural fibers. 

About me and my approach:
I have always been fascinated by pregnancy and birth. This passion has been with me for as long as I can remember, and I have a deep respect for the power of women, and for the wonderful passage of birth. Life steered me towards working as a doula, so I can focus all my energy on the preparation, information and support of expecting parents. I am always learning and attending new workshops, to always broaden my knowledge of birth, and to help you at the best of my ability. As a doula, I offer you an emotional and physical support, as well as tools so your child can be born gently, lovingly, and respectfully. 

Because every baby counts. Because fathers also need support. Because the history and values of the parents have to be taken in consideration. Because every woman has the right to experience a respected end empowering birth. 

Testimony: ''Laurie is an exceptional, devoted and enthusiast doula. She listens to our needs, answers our demands, and much more! She is well informed, and is able to make us understand and feel what is at stake around birth. Labor support, for us, was a precious and complementary help. Her presence during labor and birth was one of the elements that allowed us to experience this magical and intense moment in our own way, and according to our wishes. Sensitive and an attentive, Laurie is a wonderful doula who shall make many families happy and ready for the adventure of birth!''

- Doula training at Centre Pleine Lune, 2011
- Level two doula training at Centre Pleine Lune (VBAC, pain), 2012
- Level two doula training at Centre Pleine Lune (high risk pregnancies) , 2013
- 6 day midwife apprentice workshop at The Farm, Tennessee, 2013
- Perinatal grief workshop, 2015
- Certification as a pre-and-perinatal psychology educator, 2015

Various options available: Prenatal classes (in person or via Skype), workshops to prepare older siblings, presence at birth, postpartum support, or the full follow-up, perinatal psychology workshops, babywearing workshops.

I cover Montreal, Laval and the Laurentians

Contact me:
cell: 450-675-4266